Arbor TraceFrequently Asked Questions

At Arbor Trace, we understand that choosing a place to live is no small decision. With years of experience in caring for the needs of our residents and their families, here are some frequently asked questions that we often come across.

Is Arbor Trace a retirement community?

Arbor Trace is classified as an active adult community for people 55 years and better. Arbor Trace offers a service-enriched lifestyle with fine dining, weekly housekeeping and laundry service, maintenance, transportation, and a full schedule of planned activities.

Residents will also have peace of mind knowing that additional care is available at Arbor Glen including an emergency response system that is monitored by the nursing staff of Arbor Glen 24 hours a day.

Arbor Trace was designed to offer area seniors the tax advantages of deeded ownership with 100% equity, allowing for asset preservation with the potential for appreciation.

Is Arbor Trace a “life care” community?

Arbor Trace is based on the time-honored tradition of deeded condominium ownership or fee simple title with 100% equity. This grants homeowners all the powers, rights, and guarantees afforded through property ownership under Florida Statute 718 (F.S. 718).

Properties can be sold at any time with 100% of the equity and appreciation returned to the seller or to the seller’s estate. Properties can be rented, sold, or left to heirs. Homeowners have controlling voices through membership in condominium associations and maintain complete control over financial assets as well as future healthcare decisions.

“Life care” is a term used by the State of Florida’s Department of Insurance whereby an “operator” is authorized to collect entrance fees from residents with the promise of providing a lifetime of housing and services to meet residents’ daily needs.

Monthly fees are assessed in addition to substantial entrance fees. Entrance fees are typically non-refundable. Residents may not rent, sell, or pass their residence on to their heirs. Once the resident no longer lives in the community, the property reverts back to the operator. Only the operator benefits financially from upgrades that a resident makes in their unit.

Many people believe they are purchasing a home or condominium when “buying” into a life care community; however, this is a misconception. No deeds are conveyed upon entrance to a life care community, and real estate cannot be purchased without the conveyance of a deed.

A life care community has strict medical and financial acceptance requirements. Prospective residents must submit a financial and medical application, disclosing assets, monthly income, and confidential medical information. Many pre-existing medical conditions disqualify an applicant from acceptance into a lifecare community. Adding one’s name to a waiting list does not guarantee medical or financial acceptance. Prospective residents must be reassessed at the time their preferred accommodation becomes available to determine if they still meet the life care community’s stringent qualification criteria.

At Arbor Trace there are no financial or medical requirements as conditions of ownership. Property deeds are conveyed following purchase. Residents continue to have control over their assets and future lifestyle choices.

What healthcare services are available to Arbor Trace homeowners?

Arbor Glen is the on-site assisted living facility at Arbor Trace. Located on the second level of the 36,000-square-foot Arbor Trace Clubhouse, residents of Arbor Trace have peace of mind knowing care is available on the campus should an unexpected change of health occur.

Licensed by the State of Florida, Arbor Glen’s standard license authorizes the staff to provide assistance to residents with medication management and “activities of daily living”. The Arbor Glen residence is set apart from the majority of area assisted living facilities due to its supplemental licensure for Limited Nursing Service and Extended Congregate Care and its staff-to-resident ratios.

How can I purchase a property in Arbor Trace?

Arbor Trace is composed of two condominium Associations and the Arbor Pointe Management Club. The following are required to purchase your 100% deed owned property within the community.

Our team of experts would love to answer any other questions you may have. For more information on Arbor Trace, contact our sales office or visit the community today!

If a resident chooses to sell their Arbor Trace property, may that resident relocate to Arbor Glen?

Yes. The concept of on-site assisted living services at Arbor Glen is based on the premise of ensuring peace of mind for Arbor Trace homeowners. Residents know that when assistance is needed, they may choose to sell their home and remain in the familiar, supportive environment at Arbor Glen, surrounded by friends and caring staff. Couples, in which only one spouse needs additional care, may take advantage of the healthcare services while retaining ownership of their Arbor Trace residence and allowing the other spouse to continue living an independent and active lifestyle. In this case couples remain together in the community of their choice, with their friends and neighbors, and receive the supportive services that each requires.

What if my spouse or myself needs care, but isn’t quite ready to move into Arbor Glen?

The decision to move into Arbor Glen is made by you, your spouse, and your family. Arbor Trace does not require you to move at any point. If you need a little care, but aren’t ready for Arbor Glen, we can help you find the appropriate Home Health Company to provide the care you are looking for in your own home. Or, if you already have a caregiver, they can come along with you.

Our team of experts would love to answer any other questions you may have. For more information on Arbor Trace, contact our sales office or visit the community today!