Arbor Glen NaplesFrequently Asked Questions

When it comes to healthcare no decision is an easy one. At Arbor Glen, our team of professionals seek to offer an easy-to-understand, comforting, and trustworthy system for all our residents. Here are some frequently asked questions about our services, team, and facility.

What type of license is held by Arbor Glen?

Arbor Glen is an assisted living facility that provides 24-hour individualized assistance to meet residents’ scheduled and unscheduled needs. Arbor Glen holds a Standard ALF license, (Assisted Living Facility) LNS license, (Limited Nursing Service license) and most importantly an ECC license (Extended Congregate Care license.)

What services are provided under the Standard ALF license?

Our Standard ALF license allows Arbor Glen staff to provide assistance with some or all of the “activities of daily living” which include:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Personal Grooming
  • Ambulation
  • Toilet/Incontinence
  • Eating
What if I require services beyond the activities of daily living, such as help with ted hose (pressure stockings), catheters or colostomy, oxygen and breathing treatments or wound care?

The Limited Nursing Service license and the Extended Congregate Care license allows us to provide a wide range of nursing services that standard Assisted Living Facilities are prohibited from providing under State regulations. Arbor Glen has 24-hour licensed RNs or LPNs all inside the Naples community.

What are my options if I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness?

We are fortunate to have Avow Hospice or local hospices available for terminal care.

An interdisciplinary care plan is created between the two entities whereby the Arbor Glen staff implements the plan through its staff but with the full support of the hospice team of professionals (physicians, nurses, companions and caregivers, social workers and bereavement counselors). This arrangement for end-of-life care affords residents the opportunity to remain in our residential setting among friends and family with the support of a caring and professional healthcare team.

Why not go directly to a skilled nursing facility, generally referred to as a nursing home?

The vast majority of people never require long-term care in a nursing home, although a short-term stay might be warranted for intensive rehabilitative services following a severe fracture or stroke. The Arbor Glen ECC license affords residents the opportunity to “age in place” within the Arbor Glen facility since enhanced nursing services and total care with activities of daily living are available under this specialty license. This allows residents to live in Arbor Glen and not have to be transferred to another facility when they may need more care.

What if my spouse or I have some form of dementia?

Arbor Glen can accept residents with MILD dementia & Alzheimer’s as long as such residents are not a flight risk or a danger to themselves/others. Acceptance into our facility will be subject to a risk assessment by our Director of Nursing.

What is the admission process for Arbor Glen?

State Law requires that Form 1823 be provided by your health care professional (physician or nurse practitioner). The form is a detailed health assessment, which provides physician orders for your care. There are related documents that must be executed with the assistance of our Administrator and advance directives (living will, health care surrogacy, power of attorney) must be on file.

Are there any ancillary charges for Arbor Glen residents?

The monthly and daily respite rate for Arbor Glen is mostly all-inclusive. However, there is a monthly charge for personal laundry service.

Is there a charge for outpatient nursing services?

Yes, a list of services we offer with related charges is available. Our team will be happy to discuss these services with you.

Does Medicare pay for services provided in Arbor Glen?

No. Medicare does not cover “room and board” in an assisted living facility. Residents who have purchased long-term care coverage typically receive benefits for care in an ALF. Medicare payments for nursing care are only offered for a limited benefit period, following a minimum three-day hospitalization. Medicare typically covers therapy (physical, occupational and/or speech) if ordered by a physician for a condition that is improving.

How does long-term care insurance apply to Arbor Glen?

For those who have taken advantage of the additional peace of mind afforded through the purchase of a long-term care insurance policy, it is reassuring to know that most policies now include coverage for services at Arbor Glen. Please consult a long-term care insurance specialist for more information on a specific policy.

Are pets allowed in Arbor Glen?

Residents are not allowed to keep pets in Arbor Glen. However, we welcome friendly pets to visit anytime. We also have therapeutic pets who visit residents in Arbor Glen on a regular basis, including resident birds and fish.

What can I expect from the staff at Arbor Glen?

You can expect to encounter a group of professional nurses and certified nursing assistants who have chosen to work in the healthcare industry because they love to help people. Our staff will work diligently to improve your quality of life at Arbor Glen. You will meet people who have been trained in hospitality standards, in the same manner as Arbor Trace and Tower Pointe.

The staff at Arbor Glen includes an Administrator and a Director of Nursing certified by the State of Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs. A full complement of nurses and certified nursing assistants completes the round-the-clock staffing. A local physician serves as a medical consultant, near the Naples community, yet residents are welcome to maintain relationships with their current healthcare providers. Complimentary transportation to medical appointments is available on a scheduled basis.

You can expect:

  • Much lower resident-to-nurse/aide ratio than most facilities
  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To be informed of services available
  • To be able to furnish your room in any manner you wish
  • Freedom to interact with others both within Arbor Glen and throughout the community
  • Privacy
  • Participation in your plan of care
What type of daily activities are planned for the Arbor Glen residents?

Here at Arbor Glen, we have a full-time Life Enrichment Counselor who coordinates a wide array of activities designed to engage all residents, regardless of activity level. Our activities include musical programs, art classes, senior stretching and flexibility classes, current events discussion groups, bingo, board games, and much more.

What is the scope of the basic services that can be provided by Arbor Glen in the event of an emergency?

The Arbor Glen staff will respond to all emergency calls. The staff will make an initial assessment dealing with each situation by either contacting 911 or by rendering treatment as long as the treatment that is needed falls within the scope of our licensing.

Have another question? Call the Arbor Glen Director of Nursing, at 239-513-7970 to arrange a pre-admission assessment or answer any additional questions.