All Senior Communities
are NOT the Same

Ownership vs. CCRCs, Rentals & Cooperatives

Senior communities come in a variety of styles—from Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), to rental arrangements, shared equity cooperatives and equity ownership.

When comparing your options, be sure you understand the differences in financial commitment, control over decisions, health care options, and both availability and flexibility of services and amenities. Are there medical conditions for admission or an entrance fee that may or not be refundable should you change your mind?

Arbor Trace is based on the time-honored tradition of home ownership through fee simple title with 100% equity. Your home is your property, and can be sold at any time with 100% of the equity and appreciation returned to the seller or the seller’s estate. Properties can be rented, sold, or left to heirs. Homeowners have controlling voices through membership in condominium associations and maintain complete control over financial assets as well as future health care decisions.

At Arbor Trace there are no financial or medical requirements as conditions of ownership.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

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