ECC License vs SNF/Nursing Home

Arbor Glen carries the following licenses: ALF, LNS, & ECC which is the highest level of licensure.

Resident Services Provided Arbor Glen
Nursing Home
Assistance with self-administered medication
Administration of medications including injections and blood glucose testing (license staff only)
Supervision or assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting
Confined to a bed (bedridden) up to seven days
Confined to a bed (bedridden) up to fourteen days
Confined to a bed (bedridden) over fourteen days 1
End-of-life care for those terminally ill 1
Ongoing treatment for Stage 2 pressure ulcers
Routine emptying of urinary catheter and/or colostomy bags
Professional nursing supervision
Professional nursing services 2
Changing of catheters
Wound care (such as routine dressings)
Assistance with physician-prescribed TED hoses
Changing of colostomy bags
Administration of oxygen
Total help with bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting
Harmful to themselves or others
Flight or elopement risk

Abreviations and definitions

  • Bedridden is the inability to sit upright, ambulate, or transfer to a wheelchair even with the assistance of one or more persons.
  • ALF = Assisted Living Facility
  • LNS = Limited Nursing Service
  • ECC = Extended Congregate Care
  • SNF = Skilled Nursing Facility
  • 1 = Can be provided through interdisciplinary plan with local Hospice
  • 2 = The following professional services can ONLY be provided in a nursing home: oral or nasal nasopharyngeal suctioning, nasal gastric tube feeding, monitoring of blood gases, and intermittent positive pressure therapy.